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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

[NEW Product Video] Corner Bookmark Surfaces - Circle Shape

Ready to decorate paper surfaces!

Corner Bookmark Surfaces are pretty and so fun to make. They are ready to be adorned with your favorite papers, embellishments and personalized sentiments.
In this video, I show the blank Corner Bookmark Surfaces - Circle Shape and the samples of the finished corner bookmarks. 
Be inspired with this unique, creative and clever corner bookmark surface. 
Check out this video at Siti Nuriati Studio Channel!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Colored Pencil Painting: Rose in Mug WIP

'Rose in Mug', colored pencil, 8" x 11"

One of my latest colored pencil works that I want to share is this composition of a rose in a mug. 
Before I start my painting, I will usually study the number of objects that I need to complete. In this painting, I easily identify three objects: the mug (black), the rose (peach) and the background (grey). 
Why do I mention the mug first? 
It's because the darkest value catches the eye first. I then move on to the medium value and finish with the lightest value.
Currently, I'm working on the mug. I washed the mug with Prismacolor Tuscan Red and layered it with Violet Blue.
In the Colored Pencil Demo video next week, I will show a tutorial on completing the mug.
Stay tuned for next week's colored pencil video!
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